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Wadsons India Private Limited was set up in the year 1995 under the leadership of Mr. Sanjay Wadhwa, with a creative vision to become a leading organization in the field of manufacturing Cold Forged fasteners. Through our journey of more than 25 years, we have worked on every aspect of our business and resolved problems that hampered the quality of manufactured products.

At present, we offer a wide range of nuts that has helped us become a one stop shop for customers that are looking for any specific type of nuts. Since our inception, we have come a long way by working on every high and low of our production processes. From being appreciated by our clients on the Quality of our products to achieve various certifications, we have proved that when you work hard and put your mind on something, success is yours.

25 Years of Journey

Being in the business for 25 years, we have developed a better understanding of the market we are dealing with and knows how working abreast with our customers’ requirements can help us become a reputed name in the industry. We are constantly working towards providing the best to our customers by adopting a customer-oriented business model. With our consistent efforts and a team of skilled personnel, we have achieved a good position in the two-wheeler market and now looking forward to making our presence felt in the four-wheeler market.

Your Supplier Of High-Quality Fasteners

Being a trusted provider of Cold Forged and Precision Fasteners, we constantly work on every facet of our business to deliver excellence and achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. We have a dedicated team of specialists who come up with innovative solutions to deliver quality over anything to our customers. With WIPL, the future of the cold-forged fasteners’ supply chain is in strong hands.

Our Mission

By working in partnership with our customers and understanding their specific requirements, our mission is to deliver high-quality and reliable products consistently. Being a provider of all types of nuts, we have been successful in serving the needs of the 2 wheeler market. Now, we are stepping ahead to serve the 4 wheeler market; therefore, tirelessly working on getting the Mace Certification that is our ticket to business expansion and growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a modern fastener company in India by channelizing all our resources in the field of manufacturing Cold Forged Fasteners that will add value to our clients’ operations. Our products are backed by brilliant engineering expertise that will help us achieve our goal of improving supply chain efficiency and reduce costs.

Our Commitment

We are backed by brilliant engineering expertise that helps us improve our product quality, reliability, innovation, supply chain efficiency, and reduced costs. We are committed to becoming a prominent brand in the fastener business and will do everything necessary to deliver the best to our clients.

Our Strategies

We will keep on expanding our dominance in the Two Wheeler Industry in India. Further, we are stepping ahead by marking our presence in the Four Wheeler Automotive market as well. We also plan to manufacture fasteners for Home Appliances and Electronic Systems to deliver the best quality products suitable for a wide range of applications.